Kulai (Moon Flower)

Soft dark brown fur, black hair, dark green eyes and large wings. Most often wears a black or other dark colored robe. Around her neck an amulet with a smooth round midnight blue stone speckled with white.


Personality: She is a soft spoken bat, one who seeks to avoid conflict for herself at all cost. While she understands others may choose to fight and at times to defend others or stand for what is right conflict is necessary. She understands what is needed to be a priestess in this land so different from her own but she is not above question others about certain points and her natural curiosity can case her problems. She is quiet about her gift of seeing what others cannot, of the future and the past and believes strongly that stars will guide her, even if she cannot always properly interpret what she sees or is told.

Body: d6 Speed: d8 Mind: d8 Will: d12
Race: Bat d10
Habitat: Forest Senses: Listen
Use With: Flight, Night Speech

Seer: d6
Use With: Astronomy, Augury, Psychology, Sixth Sense
Cleric: d4
Use With: Literacy, Theology, Meditation

Special Traits:

First Aid (d6 SKI)
Medicine (d6 SKI)
Observation (d10 SKI)
Flight (d10 BAT)
Night Speech (d10 BAT)
Astronomy (2d6 SKI SEE)
Augury (2d6 SKI SEE)
Psychology (d6, d4 SEE SKI)
Sixth Sense (d6, d4 SEE SKI)
Literacy (2d4 CLE SKI)
Meditation (d6, d4 SKI CLE)
Theology (d4 CLE)
Spell-Casting: Healing I (3, Adept)
Spell-Casting: Scry Spirit I (1, Adept)

Spell List:
Circle of Protection:
Cost: 2, Diff: 2d12, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 217
Effect: Guard a Cluster around you from danger

Cure I:
Cost: 5, Diff: 5d8, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 218
Effect: Attempt to Cure an Affliction with 5d8 Effect Dice

Flesh Ward I:
Cost: 4, Diff: 4d4, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 218
Effect: Add Phantom Hit Points as a 4d4 Damage Roll vs Body

Healing I:
Cost: 3, Diff 3d4, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 218
Effect: Heal a character as a 3d4 “attack” vs. Body

Life’s Whisper:
Cost: 2, Diff: 2d10, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 219
Effect: Lets target re-roll their last Death Test

Scry Spirit I:
Cost 1, Diff: 1d10, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 219
Effect: Scry the spirits for information vs 2d8

Turn Unholy I:
Cost 4, Diff: 4d10, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 219
Effect: Spirit Power of 4d10 Damage on a single Unholy Target

Weapons & Combat:
Soak d4 BOD
Dodge d8 SPD
Block d8 SPD
Initiative 2d8 MIN SPD
Resolve d12 WIL

1/4-stone Staff – Parry: +1 Bonus; Reach: 1; Hand: 2; Range: – 2 1
Strike First (1st), To-Hit: d8, Damage: 2d6, Special: Double Attack

Gifts & Flaws:
Racial Gifts: Echolocation (2), Flight (2), Keen Ears (1), Prehensile Feet (1)
Racial Flaws: Frail (-2, Uncommon, Moderate)
Gifts: Extra Trait (7, d6)
Flaws: Bad Reputation (-2, Uncommon, Moderate, Questions Church policies), Curious (-3, Common, Moderate), Eerie (-2, Uncommon, Moderate, “Foreigner”), Pacifist (-3, Self-Defense Only)

Encumbrance: 1 with Equipment (2 max, currently: +1.75), Max Encumberance: -6
Left Hand: Staff
Right Hand: Staff
Body: Church Robes
Purse: 0a, 10d


Work in progress

Kulai (Moon Flower)

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