Jerodan d'S'allumar (d'Rinaldi)

A young Penitent of S'allumar, by turns angry and morose, but always quiet. Though he dresses in the white of the church, his style of dress is far more... utilitarian... than most Paladins. And there is the matter of a sword not present...


Physical Description:
Jerodan is a small fox, standing barely 12 hands high and weighing almost 6 stones dripping wet. He dresses in the white of a devoted member of the the Church of S’allumar, and displays his faith prominently, but his bearing is military, having probably been schooled in warfare before taking his vows. He has all the indicators of being a Penitent, a Paladin, one of the warriors of his faith, though his manner of dress is far more utilitarian than other Paladins. He also doesn’t seem to carry weapons, especially the Calendar Sword, which is practically the battle standard of the Church’s Paladins.

Jerodan is quiet. He rarely speaks, even when he has something to say. He prefers to let his actions speak for him, and he is very much a fox of action. He does not show the slightest hint of fear, as if the very concept was an affront to his existence. He also has a surety of action, never wavering from his plan once he has made up his mind. That much is obvious to anyone who spends more than a casual amount of time with him.

Body: d6 Speed: d8 Mind: d8 Will: d12
Race: Fox d10
Habitat: Forest Senses: Listen, Smell
Use With: Climbing, Sixth Sense, Stealth, Tracking

Paladin: d4
Use With: Sword, Literacy, Resolve, Theology
Cleric: d4
Use With: Literacy, Theology, Meditation

Special Traits:
Choler (Boldness): d4
Use With: Any roll where determination, courage, or fearlessness are required.

Trade: Blacksmith (d6 SKI – Tinkering)
Shadowing (d8 SKI – From Above)
Dodge (d6 SKI – Against Bullets)
Climbing (d10 RAC – Parkour)
Sixth Sense (d10, d8 RAC, SKI – Against Magic)
Stealth (d10, d8 RAC, SKI – In Urban Settings)
Tracking (d10 RAC – People)
Sword (d8, d4 SKI PAL – From Ambush)
Literacy (2d4 PAL CLE – For Content)
Resolve (2d4 PAL SKI – When Standing My Ground)
Theology (2d4 PAL CLE – History)
Meditation (d4 CLE – While Praying)

Spell List:
Circle of Protection:
Cost: 2, Diff: 2d12, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 217
Effect: Guard a Cluster around you from danger

Cure I:
Cost: 5, Diff: 5d8, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 218
Effect: Attempt to Cure an Affliction with 5d8 Effect Dice

Flesh Ward I:
Cost: 4, Diff: 4d4, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 218
Effect: Add Phantom Hit Points as a 4d4 Damage Roll vs Body

Healing I:
Cost: 3, Diff 3d4, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 218
Effect: Heal a character as a 3d4 “attack” vs. Body

Life’s Whisper:
Cost: 2, Diff: 2d10, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 219
Effect: Lets target re-roll their last Death Test

Scry Spirit I:
Cost 1, Diff: 1d10, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 219
Effect: Scry the spirits for information vs 2d8

Turn Unholy I:
Cost 4, Diff: 4d10, Type: Reg, Ref: ICC 219
Effect: Spirit Power of 4d10 Damage on a single Unholy Target

Weapons & Combat:
Soak d8, d4, d6 ARM (Reinforced Leather) BOD
Dodge d8, d6 SPD SKI
Block d8 SPD
Initiative 2d8 MIN SPD
Resolve d12, 2d4 WIL PAL SKI

Claws – Parry: No; Reach: 0; Hand: 1; Range: -
Strike First (1st), To-Hit: d8, Damage: 2d6, Special: Bonus d6 Damage

Teeth – Parry: No, Reach: 0, Hand: 1, Range: -
Strike First (1st), To-Hit: d8, Damage: 2d6, Special: Bite to Grapple

Knife – Parry: Normal, Reach: 1, Hand: 1, Range: 2 1 1
, To-Hit: 2d8 d4, Damage: d8 d6,
Special: Slash (Extra d6 Damage) or Impale (Foe loses lowest Armor Dice)

Gifts & Flaws:
Racial Gifts: Claws (1), Keen Ears (1), Teeth (1)
Racial Flaws: None
Gifts: Ambidexterity (2), Extra Trait x2 (6 – 2d4), Sure-Footed (1), Nobility (1)
Flaws: Foe (-5, See Secret), Overconfident (-3, Strong, Uncommon), Stubborn (-1, Rare, Moderate), Taciturn (-1, Rare, Moderate)

Encumbrance: +1 w/ Gear
Left Hand: Knife (1/8)
Right Hand: Knife (1/8)
Body: Reinforced Leather Armor (3/4)
Backpack: Pouches in Various Folds and Pockets of his Armor
Purse: 0a, 8d

1) Spell Casting: Circle of Protection
2) Spell Casting: Cure I
3) Spell Casting: Flesh Ward I
4) Spell Casting: Life’s Whisper


Jerodan’s public life isn’t well known, but what can be discovered is that he is a lesser son (not first born) to a member of the House Rinaldi. His prospects for inheriting lands or status greater than what he was born with was slim to none, and so he was pushed towards the Church at a young age. Being neither particularly devout nor worldly, he displayed a great deal of aptitude at most of what he tried. He managed to get by on talent and his memory rather than any actual learning. He was expected to have a rather lackluster career in the Church when fate intervened.

Publicly, Jerodan seems to have left the Church proper to join a fairly obscure order of Paladins, the name of which is not widely known, and those who do know of it speak their knowledge only in whispers. As far as the Church is concerned, he is a Cleric in good standing with the Church and he properly and regularly tithes as he should, so they have no qualms with his activities.

Jerodan d'S'allumar (d'Rinaldi)

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