Here here brave souls!


I am Gerzel and I am looking for players for my new online Milk of the Golden Sun campaign. The game uses the Ironclaw rules and settings and is set in a magical renaissance world whose inhabitants are anthropomorphic characters.


The game is set in Calabria more or less as it is presented in the Ironclaw RPG books (I’ve not read the novels).

Without giving too much away I intend the focus on the game to be investigating certain mysteries of magic and nature and delving into the darkened past. In other words the characters getting caught up in a series of quests involving searching for lost artifacts or ancient knowledge, unknowable cities and mind shattering truths… you know the usual.

In the short term a chance for adventure, treasure or at least some good food.

Starting out

Our characters will starting in Port Spar where the river Nith meets the ocean all awaiting travel up the river to Harrowgate on one of the many barges headed that way. This is in the Bisclavert(the wolf noble house) domain.

I plan on having the game stretch wide over Calabria and further with the party perhaps taking to the sea. The first few adventures however will be on more or less dry land, not counting the occasional river or lake.

Who can be on the boat?

Anyone. From lesser nobles to slaves a wide variety of characters could be seeking travel up the river Nith to Harrowgate the Bisclavert seat of power. The river and short sea voyage along the southern coast of Calabria is the quickest way between Harrowgate and the Rinaldi capital of Triskellian (seat of the King’s power and the most holy sites of the S’allumer religion. So just about any character type could be going that way for their own reasons.

What type of character can I play?

I will allow a broad range of character concepts but I will want them all to have a way to fit into the group. If you have a character idea tell me about it and I’ll consider it.

How do I join the game?

Right now I am gathering players for the game. I am aiming to start with 4-6 players to start off with.

If you want to play first send me a message that you’d like to play and what type of character you are thinking of playing. Try to focus on coming up on broad concepts and ideas. From there if there is room in the game we will start generating a character.

The game uses the Ironclaw RPG rules for creating characters. Right now I only have copies of the Squaring the Cirlce Omnibus, Book of Jade and Book of Mysteries as well as nearly all of the previous edition books. I’ve not yet decided which edition I will run the game using and will ask my player’s opinions on this.

Here here brave souls!

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