Mica Examplar

A scholarly example ferret


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Mica is a ferret scholar studying magecraft. He likes shinythings and magic is shiny due to his second sight ability that he was born with.


Body: d6 Speed: d8 Mind: d12 Will: d10

Race: Ferret d8
Habitat: Plains Senses: Smell
Use With: Contortionist, Dodge, Stealth, Tracking


Scholar: d4
Use With: Ciphering, Literacy, Lore: Magic, Language: Xenophonia

Thaumaturge: d4
Use With: Literacy, Lore: Magic, Meditation

Green & Purple Mage: d4
Use With: Literacy, Meditation, Lore: Green & Purple Magic

Special Traits

Second Sight: d4


Notes; Put purchased dice first. Then in () put dice rolled with Abbreviations: rac = race, car = Career, skl = Skill Basically give a 3 letter abbreviation to show where the dice come from. Next put favored use, if any after – ‘s. Finally note exp with *’s. If you only have skill dice you can omit the () section.
Carousing d4 – When I’m drunk.
Ciphering — (d8 car)
Contortionist — (d8 rac)
Dancing d4
Diplomacy d4 )
Dodge — (d8 rac)
Etiquette d4
Language: Xenophonia — (d4 car)
Literacy: d4 (d4, d4, d4 car, d4 skl)
Lore: Autarchs d4 *
Lore: Magic d4 (d4, d4 car, d4 skl)
Lore: Green & Purple Magic d4 (d4 car, d4 skl)
Meditation d4 (d4, d4 car, d4 skl) – First thing in the morning
Observation d6
Research d4
Stealth — (d8 rac)
Spell Throwing d4
Streetwise d4
Tracking — (d8 rac)

Spell List

Sleep I – G&P; Rank 2; Cost 5; Diff 5d6; Type reg; Ref IC-9AE pg226 **
Group saves Body, Mind & Will vs 5d6 or fall asleep

Protection I – Thaum; Rank 2; Cost 2; Diff 2d6; Type reg; Ref IC-9AE pg235
Target gains 2d6 Protection

Weapons & Combat

Soak d6 bod
Dodge d8 spd, d8 skl
Block d8 spd
Initiative d12 mnd, d8 spd
Resolve d10 wil

Claws – Parry: no; Reach: 0; Hand: 1; Range: —
Strike First (1st) d8 (d6)

Gifts & Flaws

<s>Racial Gifts:</s> Claws (1), Teeth (1)
<s>Racial Flaws:</s> None
<s>Gifts</s>Extra Trait x3 (9), Guild Member: Apprentice (1)
<s>Flaws</s>Poor Vision (-3), Agnostic (-1), Curios (-3), Pacefist (-3)


Encumbrance: d12 w/backpack
Body: Good Tunic, Cloak (1/4), Ale Flask (1/4)
Back Pack: More stuff…
Purse: 17d, 1or


Scholar ****
Thaumaturge *


Bio and background goes here. I’ll leave this up to you.

Mica Examplar

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