Welcome Travelers!

This is the homepage for the Milk of the Golden Sun, Ironclaw campaign.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the wiki or adventure logg: Here here brave souls!

Want to know more about Ironclaw? You can go learn more about Ironclaw from Sanguine Games at their website SanguineGames.com.

The First and Second Edition rules of the game (We are using the second edition of the Legacy rules) can be found at lulu.com in both print on demand and pdf formats. They have all of the extra books, except it seems for the Doloroux. The Pigs never seem to get enough love. :.<


We have three players, enough to start character generation. I would like to start with one or two more to allow for some attrition. So we are very much open to new players!

Milk of the Golden Sun

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